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Flange-connected Wedge Gate Valve

  • Wedge gate valves are one of the most common opening and closing valves that use a wedge-shaped ram on both sides to open or shut off media in the line. The wedge gate valve does not allow a small amount of opening to be used as an energy-saving device in the pipeline to avoid damage to the sealing surface due to erosion of the high-speed flowing medium.

    Wedge gate valve features

    1. The valve body adopts the structural shape suitable for the lining process requirements; the valve body, the inner cavity of the valve cover and the outer surface of the valve stem, the outer surface of the valve stem, etc., which are directly in contact with the medium, are all lined with FEP (F46) or PCTFE (F3). Fluoroplastics;

    2. The sealing pair is FEP(F46)/FEP(F46) or other material combination, the friction coefficient is small, and the opening and closing torque is low;

    3. The packing is made of PTFE (F4) standard packing, which has good sealing performance and convenient maintenance and replacement;

    4. With elastic ram, it can compensate the sealing difference between the sealing surface of the ram and the valve seat, and the sealing degree is good, and the sealing effect is ideal;

    5. The medium can pass through the gate valve from any direction on both sides, which is suitable for the opening and closing device on the pipeline whose medium direction may change.

    Design specification: Follow the GB12234/API600 standard.

    Drive mode: manual, electric, spur gear, bevel gear drive.

    Nominal pressure: PN0.6~1.6(MPa) ANSI CL150

    Nominal diameter: DN15~500(mm) 1/2"~24"