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Flanged Ball Valve (two-piece, three-piece)

  • product manual

    The company's basic series of fluoroplastic lining ball valve series ball valves are Q41F46 type, which can be divided into two types: two-piece (two-piece) and three-piece. In addition to the general ball valve, the fluid resistance is small, and the opening and closing speed is fast. In addition to its simple structure, it has the following advantages:

    1. The ball valve with FEP lining layer has high chemical stability and can be applied to any strong corrosive properties other than “melting alkali metal and elemental fluorine”;

    2. With full-bore and floating ball structure, the valve can be closed without leakage in the whole pressure range, which is more convenient for the pipeline sweeping and pipeline maintenance of the pipeline system;

    3. The opening and closing part sphere and the valve stem casting (forging) are integrated, which eliminates the possibility of the valve stem rushing out of the pressure-bearing part due to pressure changes, which fundamentally guarantees the safety of use in the project;

    4. The structure is compact and reasonable, the valve body space is the smallest, and the medium retention is reduced. In addition, the special molding process makes the sealing surface density good, and the herringbone ring PTFE packing combination makes the valve reach zero leakage;

    5. Two-piece and three-piece structure can adapt to various requirements of piping system and working conditions. Three ball valves allow the main valve body to be separated from the valve body on both sides, which can be quickly replaced and repaired online.

    The design specification follows: GB12237/API 608/API 6D standard.

    Drive mode: manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic, electric.

    PN: PN0.6~1.6(MPa)

    DN: DN15~400(mm)