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In June 2014, China Gas Association conducted a qualification review of the company's membership in accordance with the application submitted by Shanghai  Valve Co., Ltd. After the audit, it was finally determined that the qualification of Shanghai Ruikong Valve Co., Ltd. fully complied with the membership conditions of the members of the association and agreed to accept the company to join the China City Gas Association.

In July 2014, China City Gas Association issued the honorary certificate of “China City Gas Association” member unit for Ruikong Valve. So far, Shanghai Ruikong Valve Co., Ltd. is honored to be a member of China City Gas Association.

With the continuous withdrawal of environmental, health and safety concepts, China's new energy market has also expanded rapidly. Like the LNG car in the automotive industry market, the relevant departments have promoted it in buses and taxis in some cities. The demonstration of using NGV technology has effectively promoted the rapid development of NGV technology and industry. Perhaps with the continuous knowledge of LNG vehicle knowledge, the utilization rate of LNG automobile market continues to increase, and Shanghai Ruikong Valve Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces. Applicable to medium temperature -40 ° C ~ -196 ° C low temperature, LNG low temperature gate valve, low temperature shut-off valve, low temperature butterfly valve, low temperature three-way valve, low temperature control valve (pressure reducing valve) compatible with natural gas, liquefied gas, storage and transportation equipment ), low-temperature emergency shut-off valves and other major types of LNG liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen (gas) valves, can be widely used in various fields related to the LNG automotive market, LNG valves will have a broader market